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South Central has implemented eLearning which allows students to learn lessons and complete assignments utilizing different types of technology. Teachers create lessons and assignments that include electronic resources through Canvas, our learning management system.

An eLearning day allows students to work remotely in the case of inclement weather or unforeseen circumstances. These days take place of traditional snow make-up days. There are also two scheduled eLearning days on the 2021-2022 school calendar: November 2, 2021 and February 21, 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

How will students receive their assignments for the day?
Teachers will post assignments in Canvas by 9:00am. Lessons will take place through various learning platforms that are used regularly in class. Students should log in to Canvas to view assignments and announcements from teachers.

Do students have to be on the computer for the whole school day?
No, eLearning days are designed to give families flexibility according to needs and schedules. However, students should take into account the time needed to complete work by the required deadlines. Assignments for K-2nd grade can take approximately 2-4 hours and 3rd-6th grade assignments can take approximately 3-5 hours. Students in junior high and high school can expect work to be equivalent to the duration of each class period.

How is attendance taken on an eLearning day?
Attendance is recorded for students by completing the online Google Form that is posted in Canvas. Students must complete the form by 11:59pm on the eLearning day.

Does an eLearning day count as a required school day?
Yes, a scheduled eLearning day or an eLearning day due to inclement weather will count towards the required 180 school days per year. Students will not have to make up any days that are classified as eLearning days.

Is there a limit to consecutive eLearning days?
No, there is currently no limit to how many eLearning days can be issued consecutively in lieu of a school cancellation.

Will teachers be available during an eLearning day?
Teachers are expected to post all assignments for the day by 9:00am. After this time, they will have posted office hours between 9:00am to 3:00pm. You may call, email, or use the Canvas Inbox to contact a teacher. Teachers may post their preferred contact method.

What if we don’t have internet access at home?
Students will not be penalized if they cannot get internet service but they will be responsible for either doing alternative assignments or completing the work using the internet at the school. Please communicate with the teacher to determine alternative opportunities to complete the required activities. Other options include visiting a friend or family member with internet capabilities or using public Wi-Fi access such as the local libraries.

How do we receive technical support?
Students and parents/guardians can email during an eLearning day with any technical questions or issues they are experiencing. After sending an email, one of our technology department members will respond as soon as possible (emails sent after 4:00pm may not be answered until the next school day). In some cases, our Help Articles & Videos page may help with common questions or issues.

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