Transportation Services

  • The safe transportation of students is a responsibility shared by transportation staff, parents, and students. We are committed to providing safe vehicles and qualified drivers, along with school bus safety education, to students and parents.

    If you have questions or need more information, please call us at (219) 767-2263 and ask for Mrs. Jackie Abshire.
  • The state of Indiana requires all students attend school for 180 days. If school is closed for any reason, an eLearning day will be utilized and students will complete assignments on their school-issued devices at home. The day will count towards the required 180 school days.

    The transportation system at South Central Community School Corporation is one of the best in the state. We have good equipment, qualified drivers, good communications, and a great support system. 

    South Central Community School Corporation serves approximately 950 students. Transportation is provided to all students whom live in the district. Each bus will provide transportation for prekindergarten through 12th grade. Our district has four major state highways: United State Route (6) (West and East Bound) to the north of the district, State Road (39) (North and South Bound) to the east of the district, United State Route (30) (West and East Bound) to the South of the district, and United State Route (421) (North and South Bound) to the West of the District. Having four major state roads in our district combines the difficulty of the safety of our transportation system. For this reason, the safety of our students and staff will always be first consideration at all times.

    If roads are passable, we intend to have school. If roads are not passable at the beginning of the school day, we may delay the opening of school or close completely, thus issuing an eLearning day. If a storm happens during the day, we need your cooperation. Listed below are some things you should know and ways you may help. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with these procedures.

    Terms you should know: 
    • SCHOOL IS DELAYED: This term means that school will start at a time later than normal. It is usually two hours, but could be shorter. A two hour delay would mean that if your child was to meet a bus at 7:20 a.m., the bus would come at 9:20 a.m. In such case that the delay is on a Wednesday, late start is not recognized, and the bus will come two hours later than the NORMAL start time.
    • SCHOOL IS CLOSED: This term is used if school is closed for the entire day. An eLearning day will take effect. It also means all events for the day will be canceled and rescheduled.
    • EARLY DISMISSAL: This term is used when a storm or other emergency makes it necessary to close school early. It may pertain to one school or the whole corporation.
    • BUS TURN AROUND: This term is used if we attempt to open school and find conditions worsening. It may be necessary to return the buses home immediately. Our communications system will allow us to do this if necessary. This will result in a lost school day with it made up.

    Other important reminders:
    • Always dress your child appropriately. If a bus has a problem, warm clothing will be necessary.
    • Make sure your child can get into the house and knows what to do in case of early dismissal, late start, or bus turn around. You should plan ahead for such occurrences so your child is not left in a dangerous situation.
    • You are requested NOT to contact the school about whether schools will be opened or closed. Phone lines are important to the schools in assessing the situation. It is understandable that it may be necessary to contact the school; however, you should make arrangements ahead of time for your child(ren).
    • You should be familiar with your bus driver. If you have questions about the route, you should contact your driver. Many drivers have developed a phone tree to relay emergency information to the riders.
    • You should always assume school is open unless you are notified otherwise by the media or SchoolMessenger.
  • A decision to close school is normally made in the morning. Only unusual circumstances will necessitate closing school the night before. Decisions are usually made before 6:30 a.m.; however, changing conditions could delay the announcement to a later time.

    SchoolMessenger will be utilized to notify families as soon as possible of weather-related delays or closings. This rapid calling system will call all phone numbers provided to the school as alert phone numbers. If you have a change to your contact information, please inform the school so that our system can be updated accordingly.

    Local radio stations broadcasting the South Central Community School's weather-related school announcements include the following:
    • Valparaiso WAKE AM (105.5)
    • LaPorte WLOI AM (1540) & FM (96.7)
    • Michigan City WIMS AM (1420) & FM (98.0)
    • Michigan City WEFM FM (96.0)
    • Knox WKVI FM (99.3)

    Local television stations broadcasting the South Central Community School's weather-related school announcements include the following:
    • WNDU-TV (Channel 16)
    • WSBT-TV (Channel 22)

    The school status module in the upper-right corner of the school web page will also be updated as soon as any changes are made to the school day. Check the stoplight for details:
    • Green means "School is open"
    • Yellow means "School is delayed"
    • Red means "School is closed"
  • Driver Bus Number
    Mrs. Yvette Battleday 14-1
    Mr. Steve Bos 14-2
    Mr. Bob Clark 13-2
    Mrs. Patricia Clark 13-1
    Mrs. Stacy DeYoung 15-2
    Mrs. Joy Dunlap 19-2
    Mrs. Jill Jamrozy 15-1
    Mrs. Starlia Marks 19-1
    Mrs. Stephanie Mendoza 17-1
    Mrs. Jammie Metzinger 17-2
    Mrs. Tammy Moser 18-1
    Mrs. Sarah Notaro 18-2
    Mr. Michael Schultz 16-3
    Mr. Earl Werner 11-1
    Mrs. Pam Williams 16-2