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Pricing & Payment

Meals Prices
Student Breakfast $1.50
Reduced Student Breakfast $0.30
Adult Breakfast $3.00
Student Lunch $2.60
Reduced Student Lunch $0.40
Adult Lunch $4.75
Milk $0.50


  • Payments can be made with cash or check in addition to online payment via credit/debit cards through Harmony Family Access.
  • If making a payment with cash or check, please be sure to note the child’s name in the memo section for accurate posting. One check may be used to add funds to multiple lunch accounts, however, please be sure to list each child’s name and how you want the funds divided so we can accurately post the correct amount.
  • If making online payments, payments must be made before midnight in order to post for the following school day. For example, if a parent makes a payment on Monday morning at 6:00am, the funds will not be posted into their child’s account until Tuesday morning. If this happens, please be sure to send money for your student to eat if they have a low balance.
  • The point of sale system does not allow us to place daily or weekly spending limits for ala carte items, however, parents can see what their child/children are buying via Harmony Family Access.
  • Phone call reminders will be sent every Friday afternoon to alert families of negative account balances. Cashiers will also give reminders to any student when they are low or in the negative.

Charging Policy

  • Students will be allowed 5 meals/$13 charging limit. Starting on the 5th day, negative balance students will receive both verbal and written notices and emails to parents/guardians letting them know that their child has a negative balance.

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