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Technology Support

The following support articles and videos below may help with common technology questions or issues:



Google Chrome & Accounts

Harmony Family Access
  • Creating a Harmony Family Access Account
    Harmony Family Access allows parents/guardians to create accounts that can view their student's grades, discipline, attendance, and class schedules. Additionally, parents/guardians can make online payments for textbook rental. Students can also create accounts that do not include discipline comments and online payment information.

    Registration codes for adding a student to your account are sent via email before school registration and can be obtained at any time throughout the school year by contacting the appropriate school office.

  • Updating Demographics Data in Harmony Family Access
    The demographics section in Harmony Family Access will provide the school with important information regarding your student. Please make sure to update this information any time there is a change.
    1. Sign in to Harmony Family Access.
    2. Select a student and scroll to the "online registration" section.
    3. Select the Update Demographic Information link.
    4. Change any outdated information by typing over the data with the new information.
    5. Select the Resubmit button when finished.
    Harmony Family Access Demographics

    Text Address(es) and Email Address(es)
    These are important pieces of data and are needed to communicate with parents/guardians. When this data is entered, administrators and teachers have the option to send parents/guardians a text message or email directly through Harmony with information for or about the student.

    Contact Information
    Alert Phone 1, Alert Phone 2, and Alert Phone 3 are very important numbers! SchoolMessenger, our school notification system, uses these three phone numbers to alert you about weather-related delays/closings and other pertinent information throughout the school year.

    Emergency Contacts
    These contacts (up to four) will be used if the school cannot reach either the parent/guardian regarding an emergency situation with the student.
  • Online Payments Using Harmony Family Access
    Note: Online payments on Harmony Family Access are for textbook rental only. Cafeteria account payments are now made on LINQ Connect.
  • Receiving Harmony Family Access Notifications
    Students and parents/guardians can receive daily or weekly notifications from Harmony Family Access regarding attendance, grades, and discipline. To enable notifications, follow these steps:
    1. Sign in to Harmony Family Access.
    2. Select a student and scroll to the "my notification profile" section at the bottom of the page.
    3. Enter an account nickname and choose the desired notification options.
    4. Select Save.
    Harmony Family Access Notifications

If none of the above articles or videos helped, reach out to us by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..